A Platform to unite all Platforms

Seemlessly stream world's connected device data from multiple platforms into ONE.

We empower developers to integrate sparsely connected devices across multiple proprietary platforms without the hassle of learning, adopting, or maintaining the knowledge of all involved communication platforms.


Achieve interoperability with ease. Stream all your device's data using a single API, eliminating the need to learn each individual platform's protocol


Obtain new capabilities in minutes instead of months. A real-time connector from Cloudigy replaces countless hours of development to make devices compatible


Cloudigy's integration blocks will allow you to send your device data to popular third-party tools and apps such as data analytics and database servers


  • Is Cloudigy an IoT Platform?

    We are not a standalone IoT platform. Think of us as a single point of interface to all the platforms.

  • Is Cloudigy available today?

    Cloudigy is currently in pre-launch phase, with a handful of invitation only beta users. If your company is interested in becoming an early adoptor, please contact us using the email address below.

  • Why should I use Cloudigy?

    Companies and consumers demand that your service or product is seemlessly integrated with all connected devices regardless of its hosting platform. This requires you to integrate with various different platforms and continue to maintain them going forward. Cloudigy allows you to reduce workload (and possibly replace a team of engineers) for developing and complying with dozens, if not, hundreds of everchanging platform APIs.

  • Every platform claims they are interoperable. How's Cloudigy different?

    Many platforms such as AWS IoT, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Weave will claim that they are all interoperable. But they are really answering this within the scope of the platform. As long as the devices are on their network, the devices will be interoperable. Even though this solves the problem of interoperability between multiple participating brands within the network, this continues to create silos amongst ever-growing number of platform providers. Cloudigy is striving to solve the global-level interoperability.

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  • www.cloudigy.com